Sophistry and Subversion

September 14, 2014
Charles darwin

Charles darwin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bruce Kent

Indeed the establishment continues to serve unabated indictments against men of religion. As I begin my studies for a doctorate of philosophy in curriculum and instruction, my instructors continue serving excerpts to students on the silver platter of secular-progressive-racialism. So convinced, in fact, are some of my esteemed colleagues and peers of their righteous might in the war against systemic racism, religious intolerance, and the mysticism of faith that they cite this study and that experience as justification for ostracizing the religious.

And, as we run through the merits of Leipzig-oriented thinkers, like Ivan Pavlov, B.F. Skinner, John Watson, Thorndike, Charles Darwin, and many others, I notice one common theme among them: Man is exalted above God. So complex are their sophisticated exegeses on epistemology that they veritably lose themselves in their own sophistry.

Said the Savior of mankind: Those who exalt themselves shall be abased (Matthew 23:12). Further, little children shall rule over them (Luke 10:21-22).

The problem with our knowledgeable friends comprises the blaring omission common among them. When they deny God, they deny their own senses. Indeed, as James Cunningham and Jill Fitzgerald seem to implicitly deny in their apparent endorsement of essentialism (1996), our learning comes from the experience we gain through our senses. Even Helen Keller, blind and deaf from birth, gained her knowledge through her senses.

Constructivists, behaviorists, and humanists would have us believe that man creates knowledge in the way that men of faith know God created the earth—by organizing, classifying, and developing materials. In the worst cases, some postmodern theorists purport that man creates reality, including material things in his environment, by mere thought. The absurdity of such notions remains self-evident. In addition, the humanists have bequeathed to modern America the gifts of political correctness, multiculturalism, totalitarian redistribution, and white privilege—oh, and 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, Barack Obama-styled progressivism, and Nidal Hassan, to mention a few.

Book of Mormon prophets tell readers of a period of time in ancient America where the wicked people of the Nephite nation corrupted the laws of the land because the ideas of men became carnally pleasing and popular. In like fashion the postulates of anti-religious constructivists, behaviorists, and humanists burst forth onto the scene of American consciousness. Fred Koch in A Business Man Looks at Communism informs readers of that halcyon period of the Cold War-era when the House Un-American Committee began investigating socialist moles who had sought to do just as the stealth jihadists are doing today on our shores: Secretly ensconce U.S. culture in a web of anti-Christ, anti-Western deception and intrigue for the subversion of the rights of our people. Only this time, the Islamists seek to establish a global caliphate.

Joe McCarthy and Whittaker Chambers both suffered the solemn mockery of the establishment junkies of their time, notwithstanding the superfluous evidence proving their claims true. Today, men and women in possession of the courage necessary for exposing contemporary threats to our values, our morals, our liberty, and our prosperity suffer similarly. Ann Coulter showed that when all was said and done, the aforementioned men were barely employable, so damaged were their reputations by those on the left (and some on the right) in this country (2004).

In reality, the same forces responsible for the destruction of cultural values in the schools, the courts, Hollywood, the media, and the music industry are those with ideological roots in the same soil as totalitarianism. Falsely, one of the guest speakers to my doctoral studies classes this past week attempted to connect idealists with the fascists and Communists of Europe, Asia, and Russia. In fact, despots of the aforementioned dictatorships despised the idealism of religionists, Muslims, Jews, and many Christians—Christians who had the courage to stand against them. The discussion our guest speaker posited involved the dichotomy between materialists and idealists. Further, it is well established that all the infamous totalitarians of the last century built their regimes on the sand soil of dialectical materialism, or the belief that God doesn’t exist, that many evolved from dumb animals, and that the way to win in politics and economics is through domination. In a bizarrely successful endeavor, these same philosophers have framed those interested in free market principles as those seeking to oppress the people in the way Communist and socialist despots of the twentieth century did.

I know God lives. His Spirit testifies this to me. Postmodernists teach that men of faith wrest their intellect by subscribing to the belief in God. Contradistinctively, it is these hypocrites of the church of secular-progressive-racialism that have wrested their powers of reasoning, including their consciences as they are give over to a state of spiritual dereliction; drowned in a cesspool of carnally pleasing rhetoric, which leads men to believe that since God doesn’t exist, nothing we do matters and right and wrong depend on who is talking. Moreover, such priests of the state religion deny the abundance of evidence in nature and in their own being, which proves the logic behind revealed religion’s claims: God lives. He organized the earth, the heavens, and bestowed on man both life, agency, and reason.



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