December 13, 2014

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Bruce Kent

I read a great poem this week by Jamie Hurd.  In it Hurd elucidates some of the problems plaguing our establishment, with a special emphasis on schools.  Nonetheless, the argument made in the poem can also be applied to the kind of thinking threatening to undermine law and law enforcement in our country, especially following the Communist-inspired riots and mobocracy in the wake of Ferguson and Garner (Beck, 2014).  Incidentally, I just completed my reading of Diana West’s incredible work, which shines a light on revisionist World War 2 history, titled American Betrayal:  The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character (2013).  West employs evidence that strikingly proves the abundant Communist subversion of the United States government in the twentieth century, the vestiges of which continue undermining the moral judgment of the American people, as evinced in the establishment I have attempted to detail in my essays on this site.


Crouching tiger, hidden dragon
Illiterate children, just imagine
Nacho Libre, Napolean Dynamite
Discerning children are out of sight!

Secular progressives blame whites
While nominal researchers readjust their sites
Soviets blamed kulaks; Nazis, the Jews
Requiring context to help us choose

Choose to endure guile
Like a good victim–with a Stockholm smile
Or take a stand against lies
By opening your mouth, ears, and eyes

Well informed readers ponder the future
When grievance mongers sew the suture
And racialists corrupt law,
Envy driving the socialist saw

Dead Poet’s Society, Princess Bride
Reading truth lengthens the stride
Schindler’s List, America
Stress confounds the agitatin’ diva

Use context to glean meaning from text
For, race hustlers lie in wait, scrawling the subtext
And in the schoolhouse beware,
The snatching of illiterates in the propagandist’s snare

Many readers share understanding
In the vogue, one-size-fits-all education re-branding
Nudging many into silence
For fear of Maoist reform violence

Tron: Legacy, Superman
Early readers apprehend the Marxist’s sultry plan
Crowd poisoning and thought control
Lie in tyranny like salad in a bowl

Daniel Hannan, Nigel Farage
The E.U.-U.N. portend totalitarian barrage
Devalued values and the truth inverted
All things virtuous the multiculturalists perverted

Monsters, Inc., Bambi
Material facts make relativists unhappy
As surveillance promotes politco-legal disconnect
Giving fathers and mothers pause to reflect (Hurd).



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